What's Happening?!?!?!
2009-10's Great Events

November 13th Crazy Hair Day
Crazy hair day was great so many different hair styles! It was definitely crazy!!!
Here are some wacky ideas:

A bunch of braids (girls) a braid (long haired boys)
  Dyed hair, like the picture below. (pink , orange, yellow, blue, green, all the usuals!                                                   

(Boys) Mohawks! (girls too but normally hair is too long to do it!)                            
Major bed head. Shower and then use freeze spray or product to make a crazy bed head mess on top of your head! (You know; the Ke$ha look!)

(Girls) If your one of those girls who ALWAYS wears your hair up then just wear it down..You'll surprise everybody!

December 11th Pajama Day
We had an AWESOME pj day!!!!!!! Everybody was warm and cozy. Next year maybe we'll have it in Spring or any other season other
then winter. We won't be there...We'll be parting at Slauson! Have fun though!

We adopted a Kestrel Bird!
The Kestrel is a bird of prey that we just adopted from the Humane Society.  No we don't get to take it here to school.
But your money is going to a great place to support a great cause. So don't hesitate to donate coins to our Eberwhite Penny Drive!
You can find a box to donate in your class room. If you don't see one ask your teacher!

Box Tops
Great job guys! Just from box tops, Eberwhite earned $330!
But box tops aren't done yet! Keep on donating!!!
Let's beat it this time!

Talent Show
Ok so the talent show is coming up! Hope you're acts are ready because it is nearing the bend.
If you are doing an act or two, as I am, I bet you're nerves are on end so relax and you'd better
be great or you are making a fool of you're self but....No pressure! 

In case you don't know that's the home button.