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Jane's Page (The other creator of this website)

I'm Ella. 
My favorite color is the color that this text is in (yes purple).

Ok...It's true. I am a newbie. I know so much about computers I might as well not be because I am JUST as good as any super geek.....almost....kind of...

My most fav food is potatoes.  I also love mac n cheese, Phillie cheese steak, meatball marinara subs from subway, and scallion cream cheese! Yum!! I'm hungry just thinking about it. :)

My favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Ke$ha, my fav songs by Taylor are Jump Then Fall, Tim McGraw and Fifteen and my fav songs by Ke$ha are Tik Tok, Blah Blah Blah, and Take it Off. I also like Dinosaur. My favorite actresses are Ann Hathaway, Brigit Mendler (you know the girl who plays Juliette on "Wizards of Waverly Place"), Selena Gomez, and Jeanette McCurdy. All great!!! :)

I play volleyball, soccer, softball, and I'm an insanely fast competitive swimmer. (Ah well...I competitive swim and a girl can dream right?!?)

I love to sing. But not out loud in front of people that aren't really close friends...unless they aren't looking at me...it's weird. (I'm hoping to over come this fear this year at the talent show! Maybe, maybe not!)

I have a dog named Ollie (See pic right above this text) and a guinea pig named Nibbles. They are both adorable but the thing is Ollie wants to chew on Nibbles like a squeak toy....Yeah
not good.

Thanks for checking out my page!!! :} (That is the grinch)

Dove is soap.
Oh yeah.
I went there.

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