Hello, my name is Graeham! That is why this page is called Graeham's Page. You probably knew that. My favorite
name is Phillip. I used to have a friend named Phillip. But then he moved away. I have a Mom and a Dad. I also have a little sister named Elena. There are these two weird things that live at my house. I call them Caleb and Jeremy. I like to play video games. If you look at these pictures you will be able to see what goes on in my head. You can plainly see I like to play video games. So if you come to my house when I am alone and you are waiting at my door for 5 hours. I won't answer because I am playing video games.
    My favorite video game system is the Nintendo DSi. My favorite video game company is Nintendo. My favorite video game is Wii Sports Resort. My least favorite video games are violent shooting games. I don't have any brothers. Well, I have these two weird things who kind of qualify as brothers. I also have a sister who is obsessed with Dora.
    My favorite thing to eat is CANDY! I like Hershey Bars, Licorice, Kit Kats, Twixs, and about every kind of candy that does not include nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, sesame, shrimp, or a device that makes you run outside and roll in the grass. Because I am allergic to all of that stuff. I also like cookies, cake, pie, ice-cream, muffins, cup-cakes, and all the sugary kind of stuff you can imagine.