Hi, and welcome to Paul's Page. This page is the property of Paul. That is why it is called Paul's Page.
I have a Mom and a Dad and a sister and a brother. They are named Kelly, John, Luke, and Irena. I have six pets. They are dogs and cats.
   I have a Nintendo Wii that is hooked up to my TV. I play my Nintendo Wii sometimes. I have a lot of fun games I like to play on my Nintendo Wii. I also have a lot of fun board games I like to play. One of the games I play a lot is Connect Four. It is a really fun game I like to play.
    I go to Eberwhite Elementary School. That is why I am a part of Eberwhite Web Club. If I didn't go to Eberwhite Elementary School I wouldn't be able to be a part of Eberwhite Web Club. That is why I like going to Eberwhite Elementary School. So I can go to Eberwhite Web club.
    Well, that is all I have to say about myself.
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